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About our estimates

Estimates are based on the confluence of a variety of factors, including distance, quantity of items to be moved, and special circumstances (such as required when moving pianos and art objects).


Call us at (919) 929-6683 or use the forms here to provide more information about your needs. We will be happy to put together an estimate and plan for moving you successfully, efficiently, and with the care you expect from Chapel Hill Moving Company.


We are currently booked through August 4, 2019!


During the busy months of April-August, it is usually a good idea to call us or email us to check our availability before requesting an estimate as we get booked up quickly during this season. Please be aware that although we move on Saturdays, the office is closed Saturday and Sunday. Therefore, if you submit an estimate form over the weekend, you will receive your estimate quote early in the following week.





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